Should You Rent or Own an Apartment in Bangi? Here Are Some Things to Know

To rent or to own? That’s a question that many struggle with these days but understandably so, because buying a property is never an easy decision to make. In fact, no property investment is made on whim because it is a costly price that will land within your list of monthly debts.

So, if you are bouncing back between the two choices when it comes to looking for an apartment in Bangi, here are some things to know to help you make your decision.

Here Are the Downsides of Renting an Apartment in Bangi

We all know what renting is – it is when you pay to stay at someone else’s house or apartment over a period of time. While it works as a temporary fix, for example if you were only in Malaysia for a few years, then it makes sense to rent.

But if you are looking to stay long-term in Malaysia, renting an apartment in Bangi is essentially losing money simply because the money you use to pay rent is going into the investment of your landlord’s Bangi apartment. In addition to that, renting a Bangi apartment also restricts your freedom in designing your place to stay as there may be guidelines you have to abide by when it comes to decorating or installing items in your space.

Moreover, lease agreements might tie you down to the property over a specific period of time where you must occupy the place or you may lose your deposit.

Buying an Apartment for Sale in Bangi is a Long-term Investment

Homeownership is a great investment for many reasons. First, if you opt to buy an apartment for sale in Bangi, it typically is an asset for you – think of it as savings, which means you get your money back if you were to sell your Bangi apartment, whereas with renting, you essentially have nothing to show for in terms of monetary returns.

Additionally, with your own apartment in Bangi, you are able to renovate it according to how you envision your home to be without having to deal with a landlord compared to renting. If you are thinking of long-term stay, buying an apartment in Bangi is a good consideration because it is your home and every monthly repayment you make is an investment for you.

Buy a Bangi Service Apartment in Southville City

When it comes to buying a Bangi service apartment, you should definitely check out Southville City, a freehold 428-acre township project. Southville City has various property options for those looking for an apartment for sale in Bangi. Developed by renowned property developer Mah Sing Group Berhad, Southville City has great connectivity with an interchange on the Exit 212A Southville City on the KL-Seremban Expressway that allows easy access to districts such as Dengkil, Sepang, and Semenyih. Moreover, this interchange shortens the distance to Kuala Lumpur City Center, with the city being only 19km away.

The three apartment for sale in Bangi within Southville City are Savanna Executive Suites, Cerrado Suites, and Sensory Residence.

  1. Savanna Executive Suites : This Bangi service apartment is a residential development of eight towers with three types of unit, which include Type A (956 sqft), Type B (1,017 sqft), and Type C (960 sqft). Each unit is fitted with three bedrooms. The residence also hosts various facilities including a barbeque area, gym, nursery, reflexology path, swimming pool, playground, multi-purpose hall, wading pool and more, while being guarded with 24-hour security.
  2. Cerrado Suites : Designed with landscaped gardens, an Olympic length pool and an aqua gym amongst other lifestyle amenities, this apartment for sale in Bangi focuses on convenience, comfort and community. For those who love keeping active, you’ll be pleased to find a basketball and badminton court, complete with security systems all around. Here, Type A units are 656 sqft with two-bedrooms, while Type B1, B1a, and B2 are three-bedroom units measuring 825 sqft and 828 sqft.
  3. Sensory Residence : A 38-storey serviced apartment in Bangi, Sensory Residence is ideal for various homeowners. It is stylishly built with various facilities including thematic gardens, futsal court, half basketball court, swimming pools, gym, playground and more. There are three types of Bangi service apartment in Sensory Residence, which include Type A (888 sqft), Type A1 (914 sqft), and Type A2 (914 sqft), where all are fitted with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Get a Bangi Apartment Now

A Bangi apartment in Southville City is perfect for keen homeowners, especially with its trendsetting lifestyle, complete with four unique parks for various outdoor activities.

The township itself is surrounded by two contrasting landscapes to mimic a tranquil sanctuary with lush greenery all around, including a scenic river to complete the energetic yet calming vibe.

So, register your interest today!