Should You Buy a Bangi Landed Property or an Apartment? Here Are Some Factors to Consider

Let’s talk about property. If you are looking for a new landed property in Bangi, we have some pointers to give.

Now, when it comes to buying property, the common choices are either a condominium, apartment, or a landed property. Many may choose an apartment because it can be the more affordable choice, and there are various apartments or condominiums out there for sale, but have you considered a Bangi landed property?

If buying a Bangi landed property is within your choices, here are some factors worth noting on if you should invest in a landed property, or go for an apartment.

Let’s Talk About Space Before You Buy a New Landed Property in Bangi

Landed properties are known to have ample space – especially when it comes to yard space and it gives you the freedom to explore furnishing the exterior, as well as to have space for the herb garden you have dreamt of.

But at the same time, buying an apartment has its perks over a Bangi landed property if you choose the right one. Apartments vary in sizes which is why developers offer different layout types. Even with an apartment, you can still explore the outside as most apartments come with a balcony that you can decorate or place your potted plants at. So, when it comes to space, this is based on your needs – small to medium-sized families can live comfortably in an apartment, while those with larger families that need to accommodate extended families can choose a landed property in Bangi.

Property Maintenance Can be Easier at Apartment compared to Bangi landed property

When you opt to buy an apartment, it comes with a maintenance fee – this maintenance fee is meant for the upkeep of the entire apartment building, which may include landscaping, repairing of facilities, security and so forth.

However, when opting to buy a Bangi landed property, you will have to work on the maintenance of your house yourself. Additionally, if not properly cared for, it can affect the resale value of your property because a poorly maintained building will affect the selling price in the future. So, if you are buying a Bangi landed property, make sure you are diligent in your upkeep!

Both Apartments and Bangi Landed Property are Family-friendly

Family-friendly is always a factor that is considered when buying a house, simply because it is a home. However, there is no winner here because as we mentioned, both properties work great for families as it depends on the property you choose, the size, your lifestyle, and generally what it offers.

Buying a Bangi landed property gives you ample space for your kids to run around, but at the same time, apartments also offer various facilities such as exclusive playgrounds, swimming pools, futsal courts and so on.

So, should you buy an Apartment or a Bangi Landed Property?

That depends on your needs. If you need more space for more people and you have the ability to pay extra for land space, then a Bangi landed property is for you. If you have kids and facilities play a large role, then apartments are great for that as they also provide extra security and facilities amongst other perks.

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