Getting A New Property At Bangi In 2021 Has Better Appreciation Opportunity Comparatively. Here Are The Reasons Why

In 2021, Bangi has grown so much in every aspect that you can think of. Used to be just a small town on the southern district of Hulu Langat, Selangor, it is no longer just a university-centric hub or a banking training centers and R&D institutions. Blessed by being sandwiched within prime locations like Kajang, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, it does not take a lot of deductions to reason that Bangi stands to be a beneficiary to blossom into a thriving township which it is already happening.

There’s one interesting finding that we believe is still largely ignored by property buyers: The property price at Bangi is still underappreciated compared to its peers. We present to you these clear-cut reasons why we believe Bangi has plenty of room to grow in terms of growth potential and its true value.

Property At Bangi: More Than Just “Bandar Berilmu” (Knowledgeable City)

University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) is the catalyst that started it all. Since UKM was first established in Bangi back in October 1977, it is now followed by many other established education institutions like UNITEN, UPM, KUIS, IUKL and GMI which further cemented their status.

With this foundation, other engines of growth follow the same path: Huge inflows of development from almost every prominent property developers across Malaysia, foreign direct investments (FDI) setting up foreign-owned factories and business entities to capitalize on the readily available skilled individuals graduated from education institutions and continued improvements on infrastructures that facilitate and support the growth of the economy and population in Bangi.

New Property Launches At Bangi: An Imminence Given Its Strategic Location

Selangor State Development Corp (PKNS), being one of the earliest developers in building the integrated township at Bangi has started developing Bangi over 30 years ago and to date, it is already more than 99 percent complete with its massive landbank has almost been depleted. This serves as a backstory that leads to influx of property developers across the nation to grab some pie from the market share.

Remember we mentioned that Bangi all this while has been sandwiched in between several prime townships and cities like Kajang, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya? Due to its close proximity amongst these areas and the state of growth of Bangi that can rival its peers in terms of livability, these findings below will open up your eyes when it comes to value of properties at Bangi.

According to, the median price per square feet (psf) for Bangi and its peers are as follow:

  • Bangi: RM232 psf
  • Kajang: RM209 psf
  • Cyberjaya: RM545 psf
  • Putrajaya: RM361 psf

Granted, the data above covers all types of properties from past transactions that may not be fully representative of a totally accurate data. However, the transactions from each township/city are based from hundreds if not thousands of past transactions which serve as a good baseline to reflect the current market rate (psf wise).

What can we derive from this?

It is understandable that Bangi may have only slightly outperformed Kajang due to its additional merit of having training centers and R&D institutions, but in terms of pricing it is still a far cry from the likes of Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. We believe that Bangi’s property price is still far underappreciated, given that there is still plenty of new property projects being established and built by numerous prominent property developers to this day. Suffice to say, if one would want to settle down with a newly bought property in one of these areas, Bangi represents one of the best value properties to be evaluated first before settling down in pricier alternatives, being that preference of location is the only differentiating factor.

Southville City At Bangi: The 428-acre New Development For A Next Level Livability

Southville City defines a total package for those who wants to live in a trendsetting lifestyle amidst nature. The fusion of vibrant residences, business opportunities as well as leisure pursuits present a self-sustaining hub for every age to live, work, exercise and to enjoy trendsetting vibes and outdoor activities together.

Southville City is located in the prime location of Bangi with 4 beautifully landscaped parks within a 10-acre green sanctuary with 1,400 trees from 26 species. Park areas feature over 20 outdoor gym and par-course facilities, a 7.1 km loop track for jogging and cycling, and ‘The Pinnacle’ a 2,200 sqm open area. It also features one of the largest playgrounds in the state, which is the first to be certified to international safety standards.

Be mesmerized with the lifestyle of Southville City at